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At Mot Juste, we proactively step forward to help you identify the kind of material you need – its purpose, its content, its design. All compatible with your company's overall positioning. With our extensive experience in the line, we can help you to not only arrive at what to say, but how to say it, and when too.

You know that you need to communicate with your various stakeholders – employees, clients, prospective clients, shareholders. But what should you tell them? How should you phrase it? When? How often? Which is the most suitable medium of communication?

You need to be available for your stakeholders to find you on various channels. Yet not every channel is suitable to every audience. Each piece of communication must be customised – not only to the channel, but also to the target audience. Does the employee need to hear the same kind of information as the prospective investor... and phrased in the same manner?

Here at Mot Juste, we have learnt that the answers to these questions can never be formulaic. Each situation, each audience, and each client is unique. Our approach to each, therefore, is unique as well.

We operate as an alter ego to your business – an extension to your own marketing & corporate communication departments. We work with your in-house teams to develop the best possible solutions to your specific needs.

Before we begin to create any piece of communication, we discuss the answers to two questions with you, in depth: Why are we doing this? and Who are we speaking to?

Based on the answers to these questions, the communication content, channel selection, format, design, and imagery is conceptualised and implemented.

Communication conceptualisation is not a service that can be offered as a one-off. Rather, trust needs to be developed on both sides. That's why we recommend that this service be delivered via a retainership agreement – maximising the value accrued to both sides.

With all our services easily available online and over email, Mot Juste works with clients around the world. Contact us today to find out how we can work together to conceptualise and create your corporate and marketing communication.

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