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Email Marketing Services from Mot Juste

At Mot Juste, we combine expertise in communication with dedication in delivery to ensure the perfect fit for your needs – from creating the email campaign, through dispatch and monitoring to reporting on results and response.

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Running an effective email campaign is easier said than done - ensuring effective targeting, focused content, elegant but light HTML design, and hitting that sweet spot in frequency between 'too rare' and 'spam' - these are all common challenges that businesses face with their email marketing initiatives.

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Emailers are a great way to ensure brand recall even months after the client has had contact with your company. When sent periodically to an authenticated database of contacts acquired over time, a email campaign serves to remind the client of your product or service, and the prior relationship shared. They're also useful to communicate internal news and updates to your employees or customers, and notify them of offers and new services.

Our emailing marketing solutions begin with consultations with your marketing, sales, HR, or other teams, to identify focus segments and communication needs for the campaign. Sharp, to-the-point content and creatives come next, followed by coding light, easy-to-load HTML emailers, all tailored to the specific opportunities and limitations posed by the email format. Dispatch to all contacts in your database, reporting on bounces, opens and clicks, and finally, drawing on these insights while planning the next campaign, rounds out the a-to-z solution we offer.

We find that, in order to ensure standardisation and regular creation of interesting, engaging mailers, the most effective method of operation is under a retainership agreement. This allows us to act as a part of your organisation. However, ad hoc involvement is possible too.

With all our services easily available online and over email, Mot Juste can work with clients anywhere in the world. Contact us today to find out how we can work together.

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