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Event Management & Support Services from Mot Juste

Mot Juste can help you with organizing your online events like webinars from end to end, or support your physical events with the wide range of collateral required, or taking into consideration your aims, requirements – and of course, your budget!

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Your events aren't items to be ticked off a list - whether it's a stall at an exhibition or a webinar - each has its own purpose, as an important landmark in the timeline of your business. Every aspect of the event matters in projecting the right image to your audience, be it the prospect, the shareholder, or the general public.

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Whether they're online or in the real world - stalls in exhibitions or trade shows to drive sales, online events like webinars as a soft-sell, brand build activity, or even internal meetups for employee engagement - your events represent significant milestones on your business journey.

The quality of your event matters. It must be smoothly and professionally run, with nothing left to chance. At Mot Juste, we know how important it is to think through every minor detail.

From invitation emails and follow-ups to display panels and standees, brochures and flyers to giveaways, presentations to feedback collection, and everything in between, we've supported our clients with more expo booths than we can remember.

And on the digital side of the fence, we've run webinars on major platforms including Teams and Zoom - right from webinar concept and content, through invites and driving registrations with online campaigns, to running the event itself and supporting the speakers, and even publishing video recordings and collecting feedback.

Our twenty plus years of experience in the field of communication, backed by our committed, customer-oriented team ensure that we provide excellent, highly professional service in all departments of planning your event.

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One of the initiatives for which we have partnered with Mot Juste is to run webinars. Drip email campaigns to drive registrations, social posts for visibility, running the actual webinar on Zoom, and live-streaming the sessions on YouTube and LinkedIn - it was an a-to-z engagement that ran smoothly and received positive feedback from our attendees.

Sriganesh Raman
Head - Marketing
Congruent Solutions, Chennai

Digital or real-world, booth or webinar, end to end or just the communication collateral - Mot Juste can take charge of whichever parts of the event management process you need help with.

And what that means for you is the crazy laundry list of logistical hassles for your event is taken care of by a team you can trust.

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