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Our experience, cultivated over 25+ years in content generation across various media, puts us in the perfect place to advise you on positioning, content and targeting for your advertising online.

One of the most cost-effective methods to reach out to the maximum number of people, online advertising helps businesses target precisely the audience desired.

With Pay Per Click advertising such as Google AdWords or Facebook Adverts, you pay only for results defined by you... for the increased traffic to the landing page of your website.

With our content skills and expertise built up over 25+ years’ experience in marketing communication, we help you determine exactly what your message and positioning should be for the specific objective your marketing team has defined and translate it into ad copy and graphics as required by the medium selected.

For instance, while one business might prefer social media or display network advertising for awareness building, another may prefer to target people with more of an immediate interest in making a purchase via search network marketing. The audience and keywords selected to target your audience must be chosen with care so that your ad budget gets you the best possible returns... in line with the company’s broader marketing plans.

Online advertising is a technical field, but one which yields valuable results. It’s well worth investing in, but with an experienced partner to guide you in your path to boosting traffic to your website.

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